Easy Way to Recover Lost .Pef Files From Pentax Memory Cards

Pentax digital camera is first choice of any photographers because of its easy to use features and high picture quality. You can easily click large number of images using this advanced digital camera and safely store images in its memory card. All images captured by Pentax camera is stored in .pef file format. It is raw image file format of Pentax which are further processed into high quality clear images. PEF image files are safely stored in memory card from where you can easily processed them into pictures and can easily access them. But sometimes it happens that card gets damaged and you are unable to access your stored images. In such critical conditions you can get back your Pentax images in just few clicks.

It is commonly seen that users corrupt their Pentax memory card due to its improper use. Usually it happens that users corrupt the card by inserting it to damaged or virus infected devices. In most of the cases it happens that when you attempt to access your images stored in memory card you are not allowed to do so and come across several types of error messages. Some of the common messages are as follows:

Apart from these there are several other errors which restrict you to access your stored images. Corruption of memory card is one of the common reason behind the occurrence of these errors. Usually card gets corrupt due to following reasons:

  • Improper switching off camera
  • Forceful ejection of card
  • Clicking photos in low battery
  • Removal of card from camera while read/write operation

After the corruption of memory card you are unable to access your images inspite of several attempts and each time you try to access, you came across several types of error messages. In order to fix the error and regain access on your pictures you need to format the card and recover lost .Pef files from Pentax digital camera or from memory card using available backup. But if you are not having any kind of backup then you need to use third-party Photo Recovery Software.

With the help of comprehensive software you can easily recover deleted, lost or inaccessible images within few simple clicks. The software is developed with advanced techniques and powerful algorithm using which it easily detect and restore the deleted files. It supports recovery from all models of digital cameras, memory cards, USB drives and hard disks etc. Therefore you can easily restore deleted video files from SD card and make them accessible once again.

User Guide: How to Use Photo Recovery Software


Install and launch Photo Recovery Software.


Now select the media from which you want to perform recovery. After selection search the photos and videos which you want to restore and then click on “Scan” button to start the scanning process.


In this process you can see the preview of recoverable photos once the scanning is completed.


Once the scanning is completed you have to select the specific region of selected media.


After selecting the region you have to select the particular file type.


You can also create image sector by sector of selected media in this step.


You also have to select the range.


Now you have to resume recovery from last saved scan.


In this last step you are required to save the recovered files to the specified location.

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