How to Rescue PEF File on Mac System

PEF File recoveryLikewise other handy devices, Pentax digital camera also contain a RAW file format that is in the form of PEF file. It has been widely used to stores the captured images exactly as it is, without any compression or color adjustments. Hence, whatever the scene you have captured using your Pentex digital camera, it gets stored in .pef file format. But, like other RAW files, PEF is also prone to corruption. As a result, all the saved picture files become unresponsive & useless. Now, at this juncture there arises a need to rescue PEF file on Mac system. But, the question is how to recover the PEF file?

Causes for PEF File Corruption

There are tons of reasons that are quite responsible for PEF file corruption, explaining all of them is a tedious work. But, don’t worry, here are given some of the probable reasons for PEF file corruption. Let’s take a look.

  • Deletion of PEF file due to human mistakes,
  • Improper editing & saving of files,
  • Virus attacks,
  • Removal of storage media while the file transferring is on its way,
  • Working on low battery.

Now, what you do next? Well, in such situation you can make use of either backup option or an effective photo recovery software. Now, choice is in your hand. If you have a proper backup of photo files then you can easily restore them back. But, in case no backup is available, then going for third party photo recovery software is the last option left with you.

Photo Recovery Software: Best Tool to Rescue PEF Files on Mac System

Surely, if you have no any mean left to retrieve PEF file then make use of photo recovery software. Its real and advance recovery algorithm can easily perform the recovery of PEF files irrespective of the situations. Apart from better recovery procedure, the tool has also the ability to provide a preview of the ongoing recovery process. Furthermore, its interactive graphical user interface really adds a wing to its popularity and even made the working easy. So, don’t wait until the data get finally collapse, just download and install it before the disaster takes place.

User’s Guide

Step 1. Download & install Photo recovery software.

Step 2. Insert the flash drive and select its volume.

Step 3. Select the required file that has to be recovered and press Start Scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of recoverable images after scanning.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered photo files are displayed according to their category.

Step 6. Finally, select the location where you want to save the recovered USB stick files.



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